• The [Roman] envoy when he comes to the frontier of the offending nation . . . says: Hear, O Jupiter, and hear ye lands ____ [i.e., of such and such a nation], let Justice hear! I am a public messenger of the Roman people. Justly and religiously I come, and let my words bear credit! Then he makes his demands, and follows with a solemn appeal to Jupiter. If I demand unjustly and impiously that these men and goods be given to me, the herald of the Roman people, then suffer me never to enjoy again my native country! These words he repeats when he crosses the frontiers; he says them also to the first man he meets [on the way]; again when he passes the gate; again on entering the [foreigners'] market-place. . . . If the persons he demands are not surrendered after thirty days, he declares war. — Livy, The Roman Way of Declaring War What does the herald say would be his punishment if the demands are unjust? a. He would be exiled from Rome. c. He would be made a slave. b. He would be put to death. d. His credit would be denied. Please select the best answer from the choices provided A B C D


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