• PLS HELP ME 7. An electric current can perform work as long as there is a battery to produce current, some device to operate, and everything is connected in a complete _?_. 8. What is the formula for Ohm's Law? What units are used to express current? What units are used to express potential difference? 9. What do you know about the number of turns of wire in the secondary coil of a step-down transformer compared to the number of turns in its primary coil? 10. Coulomb's Law states that the force between two charged particles equals kq1q1/ d2. How is this relationship similar to the gravitational force between two objects, and how is it different? 11. There are some very small pieces of hair in a bottle of baby oil. Marvin rubbed a balloon on his sweater and then put the balloon near the bottle. The hairs in the bottle all lined up pointing toward the balloon. Explain what is happening. 12. Bridget tried to play with her magnet while taking a steaming hot bath, but it didn't work very well. Why? 13. Osgood connected a loop of wire to the terminals of a toy railroad transformer. At one point in the loop, the wires came very close together. When Osgood turned on the power, the wires seemed to push apart where they were closest. Explain. 14. A circuit has three lights. Jezebel removed one light from the circuit, and the other two glowed more brightly. Were the lights connected in series or parallel? Explain.


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