• Batman and Robin are attempting to escape that dastardly villain, the Joker, by hiding in a large pool of water (refractive index nwater = 1.333). The Joker stands gloating at the edge of the pool. (His makeup is watersoluble.) He holds a powerful laser weapon y1 = 1.49 m above the surface of the water and fires at an angle of θ1 = 27◦ to the horizontal. He hits the Boy Wonder squarely on the letter "R", which is located y2 = 3.77 m below the surface of the water. θ x y y 1 1 2 R J Batplastic surface Mirrored Surface water B How far (horizontal distance) is Robin from the edge of the pool? (Fear not, Batfans. The "R" is made of laser-reflective material.) Answer in units of m.


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