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РЕШИТЕ ПЛС!!! 1. We ____ for three hours before we decided to take a break. a) Must be trekking b) had been trekking c) have been trekking 2. Lisa _____ have cooked this delicious meal. She doesn’t even know how to boil an egg! a) Mustn’t b) shouldn’t c) can’t 3. This picture _____ at the beginning of the century. A) Was painted b) had painted c) painted 4. Don’t be late. The film _____ at 8:00 p.m. a) Is starting b) will start c) starts 5. When his mother asked him if he knew anything about the broken window, he just ____ his shoulders and said nothing. a) Crossed b) clenched c) shrugged 6. The plane took off ten minutes after the last passenger had _____ it. a) Caught b) booked c) boarded 7. Ann asked her new classmate where he _____ from. a) Did he come b) he came c) does he come 8. If Frank ______ us, we wouldn’t have finished the project at time. a) Wouldn’t help b) didn’t help c) hadn’t help 9. Ben tells the _____ jokes I’ve ever heard. a) Funnier b) funniest c) most funny 10. Look at Martha’s expression. She _____ screaming any minute now. a) Is starting b) is going to start c) will start 11. Nathan is _____ selfish to care about what others think of him. a) Very b) too c) enough 12. Gary didn’t mean _____ you. He was just in a bad mood. a) Hurt b) hurting c) to hurt 13. Make sure you wear a hat when you’re out in the _____ weather. a) Steaming b) boiling c) baking 14. Dan’s health has really _____ ever since he stopped eating junk food. a) Developed b) increased c) improved 15. After living in London for a few months, Emma finally _____ driving on the left. a) Used to b) got used too c) was used too

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