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    To begin with I think that choosing a profession you must take into account your own personal skills. For example, if you don’t love animals, you can't work as a veterinarian, if you don't like to take care of plants and flowers, you can't choose a profession of plant growing. If you love sports, you can get the profession of a coach or a teacher of gymnastics. But I would like to be a computer programmer.

    On the one hand, there are millions of programmers of different levels in the world and it will be quite difficult to find a job.

    On the other hand, there are not many highly qualified specialists in this field in the world.We cannot imagine our life without computers and the Internet. Millions of people around the world use the Internet every day to look for useful information. The Internet is a huge base of data and knowledge, where you can find any thing you want for your work or other activities.

    That is why we need qualified specialists, who are able to customize well-known programmes, to develop new programmes, to prevent any damage of devices and, of course, to avoid any mistakes in connecting to the Internet.

    As for me I dream to become a programmer. I want to be more than just a good programmer, I want to be the best person in this profession.

    In the conclusion I would like to say that I will achieve my dream at any cost. I think that the most important for any job are qualifications and skills, because experience comes with age but knowledge is necessary from the very first days of your work. I believe that every person should do one thing all his life to become a true professional and be useful to his or her country and its people.