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Поставьте правильную форму глагола в Present Perfect Simple или Present Perfect Continuous.
- Hi, Mark! I (not/see) you for ages.
- Hi. I (work) quite hard as usual. How about you?
- Great. I (look) around for a new flat, but I (not/find) one yet.
- What’s wrong with your old one?
- It’s OK. But I (just/get) a new job and it’s on the other side of town. By the way, you (finish) that book I gave you last month?
- I (not/have) time, I was very busy. I (start) it but I’ve only got as far as the first chapter.
- What you (do) since I last saw you?
- I (prepare) for exams, of course. I (take) maths I’ve still got physics and chemistry to go.
- How did the maths exam go?
- I think I (pass) it. We’ll see.