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Поставь предложения в форму общего вопроса. Например: I got up at seven yesterday. Did you get up at seven yesterday? 1)Helen helped her mother in the morning. 2)Ben climbed this mountain last year.3)My friend spoke English well.4)I read the letter yesterday.5) Pete wrote his essay.6)Ann saw this film.7)Mary had lunch at one o`clock.8)I watched TV yesterday.9)My granny worked in the garden.

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    Ответ дан parljukljuba
    1 did helen help her mother in the morning?
    2 did ben climb this mountain last year?
    3 did my friend speak English well?
    4 did i read letter yesterday?
    5 d7d peter write his essay?
    6 did ann see this film?
    7 did mary has lunch at one o'clock?
    8did i watch tv yesterday?
    9 did my granny work in the garden?