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Образуйте (-), общ ? с ответами, спец.
1. We have got some troubles.
2. There is some wather in the glass
3. He is American
4. She is pretty
5. There are a lot of people in the street.
6. We can run.
8. Ann has got a ruler

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    Ответ дан nunny
    1. We have not got any troubles.
    2. There is not any water in the glass.
    3. He is not American.
    4. She is not pretty.
    5. There are not a lot of people in the street.
    6. We can not run.
    8. Ann has not got a ruler
    1. Have we got any troubles?
    2. Is there is any wather in the glass?
    3. Is he American?
    4. Is she pretty?
    5. Are there a lot of people in the street?
    6. Can we run?
    8. Has Ann got a ruler?

    1. What have we got?
    2. What is in the glass?
    3. What natinality is he?
    4. What does she look like?
    5. Were are a lot of people?
    6. Whar can we do?
    8. What has Ann got?