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Напишите текст в 10 предложений с использованием Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous.

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    past simple  
    Время законченное . слова помошники . yesterday / ago/ last
    1 I cleened my teeth three times yesterday
    2 It was hot in the room , so I opened the window
    3 The film was very long . It started at 7.15 and finished at 10 o'clock

    Past Continuous 
    определенное время в прошлом . часто используется достоверное время   at noon at 3.30 

    1 Jack and Kate were watching TV
    2 I was playing a tennis at noon yesterdat
    3 Sarah was washing her car at 8. 30 in the morning 

    Past Perfect  определенное время в прошлом . слова помощники  for   since

    1 I have cleaned my room.
    2 Tina has lived in London for 10 years
    3 I have lost my keys.

    Past Perfect Continuous
    1 I have been watching tv all day
    2 My mum has been cooking 
    3 He has been waiting an hour