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11. I would like (you sew) dress for Saturday.

12. Mom doesn't want (I, go) my little brother like this.

13. You as (I, show) you my photos?

14. I hate (it prevents) me from working on the project.

15. You expect (they, stay) here for long?

16. I want (we came) on time.

17. I know (she, be) well-known designer.

18. We expect (it will happen) in the near future.

19. He desired (she smile) to it.

20. I would like (he said) a few words about his journey.

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    11. you to sew 12. me to treat 13. me to show 14. her to prevent 15. them to stay 16. us to come 17. her to be 18. it to happen 19. her to smile 20. him to say