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You have just seen a new film. Write an email to your friend about it

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    Dear Andrew,  
    I was very glad to hear from you. I haven't written for ages because of my school activities.  
    Now I want to tell you about my favourite film. 
    I hate action films because of cruelty and violence. I feel sad when the people on the screen hit each other. Violence is not my cup of tea. I think that books and films can teach us to be kind and compassionate. I want everybody to live in peace and harmony. It seems to me films you watch may tell everybody about you and your fellings. My favourite film is "White Bim Black Ear" by  Gabriel Topolsky that teaches us kindness and mercy, faithfulness and loyalty. The story asks us to be faithful friends, it shows us that hatred and betrayal  are the lowest traits. 

    That's enough for me today. Tell me about your favourite film or book. 
    Best regards to your family.
    Write soon.  
    Yours Pavel