• Change the sentences from reported into direct speech and translate them into Russian.

    Model:He says that he doesn’t like to go shopping.— He says, “I don’t like to go shopping. ”

    1.Mary tells her friends to leave quickly because her mum is very angry with her.

    2.He says that he doesn’t need any fashionable clothes.

    3.The shop assistant tells her that she has to wear socks to try the shoes on.

    4.She tells her friend that her clothes are out of fashion.

    5.She says that she doesn’t like to stand out.

    6.Helen says that she is having a great time in Spain.

    7.He tells his friends that he doesn’t care about fashion.

    8.She says that she prefers casual clothes.

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  • 1. Mary says her friends: "Leave quickly because my mother is very angry with me".

    2. He says: "I don't need any fashionable clothes".

    3. The shop assistant says her: "You have to wear socks to try the shoes on".

    4. She says her friend: "Your clothes are out of fashion".

    5. She says: "I don't like to stand out".

    6. Helen says: "I am having a great time in Spain".

    7. He says his friends:"I don't care about fashion".

    8. She says: "I prefer casual clothes".

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  • 1. Maria says that her friends: "Leave quickly because my mom is very annoyed with myself for me." 2. He said: "I don't need any fashion". 3. the seller said to her: "you should wear socks to try shoes". 4. She said a friend: "your clothing is not in vogue". 5. She said: "I don't like to stand out." 6. Elaine said: "I'm having a great time in Spain". 7. He said his friends: "I don't care about fashion." 8. She said: "I prefer casual clothes".
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