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помогите пж английский 11 класс

4.Choose the correct answer.

1 Hi. I would like to book / close a double room for the 23 rd to the 28th

.2 I am too lazy to get dressed and drive to the restaurant. I am going to eat out / in tonight.

3 I find staying at a bed / tent and breakfast is cosier than staying at a large hotel.

I can’t believe I missed / lost my plane to Jordan. Now I will never see Petra!

It took him a lot longer to get here because he came on / by foot.

I want to go somewhere different this time. Every year we spend / go our holiday at the


Read the text. Then do exercise 1.

My friends and I had been talking about taking a trip to Peru for years until we finally decided to

do it. This spring we’ll be flying over the Atlantic on our way to Lima, the capital city of Peru.

We’ll spend the next twelve days visiting places we’ve only seen in pictures. To say that we are

excited would be an understatement.

We’ve booked a four-star hotel in Lima, where we’ll be staying for two days. We wanted to rent

rooms somewhere safe in the city. Lima could be a bit dangerous, especially if you are carrying

expensive camera equipment with you in unknown neighbourhoods. 1) ___ However, we have

hired a guide who is going to give us a tour of the city sites and its museums.

From there, we are going to travel to Cuzco by bus. It’s going to be a long and tiring trip, as it

takes anywhere between 17-23 hours to get from one city to the other.

2) ___ Cuzco has a long history and is a very popular tourist destination. It used to be the

greatest city of the Inca Empire and is the oldest populated city in South America. 3) ___

Tourism is good for its economy but, on the down side of it, the structure of the city has changed

quite a bit because of this. Many of the buildings in the city are either, hotels, restaurants,

souvenir shops, travel agencies, or Internet cafés. 4) ___ The city walls built by the Incas can

still be seen today. Among the cobble stone streets and city squares, one can see how the people

of the city live their day-to-day lives. Cuzco is also where we are going to begin our trek to

Machu Picchu.

On the first day of the trek, our local guide will take us through the Sacred Valley and we will

visit the picturesque town and Inca ruins of Ollantaytambo. The next four days will be spent

walking along the ancient trail of the Incas. 5) ___ The last day will be the most exciting. We are

going to reach the steps that take us to Intipunku, the ‘Sun Gate’. From here, we will walk

through the ruins of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is an ancient city of the Incas tucked high

away in the mountains. 6) ___ It is the most popular archaeological site in South America. The

next day we will return to Cuzco and begin our trip back home.

1 Complete the text with these sentences.

I’m sure it will also be a great way to see the countryside, though.

B However, I’ve read that, fortunately, much of its interesting past can still be seen and felt.

C For many years, people in the west did not know of its existence until 1911 when American

historian, Hiram Bingham, discovered it.

D Two days is enough for us because we do not want to spend too much time in the crowded


E Today, it is the archaeological capital of North and South America.

We are going to see amazing ruins and beautiful mountain scenery every day.

7 Complete the sentences using will, going to, the future perfect or the future perfect

continuous and the verbs in brackets.

1 When she graduates from medical school, she ______________ (spend) 7 years studying to be

a doctor.

2 I know! I ______________ (have) the party at my house! There is plenty of space.

3 We took our vacation early this year. We______________ (work) in the office when Jim

leaves for his days off.

4 Emanuel has been working hard in his garden. It ______________ (be) beautiful this spring.

I want to make this trip special for my wife. I ______________ (book) a room at a five-star


By tomorrow evening, he ______________ (finish) reading the book.

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    Задание 4

    1 Hi. I would like to book a double room from the 23rd to the 28th.

    2 I'm too lazy to get dressed and go to a restaurant. I'm going to eat out tonight.

    3 In my opinion, staying in a tent with breakfast is more comfortable than in a large hotel.

    4 I can't believe I missed my plane to Jordan. Now I will never see Petra!

    5 It took him a lot longer to get here because he was walking.

    6 This time I want to go somewhere else. Every year we take a vacation in village.

    Задание 6

    1. f
    2. b
    3. e
    4. d
    5. a
    6. c

    Задание 7

    1 When she graduated from medical school, she spent 7 years to study at


    2 I know! I'm throwing a party at my house! There is plenty of room.

    3 We took our vacation early this year. We were working in the office when Jim

    was leaving for the weekend.

    4 Emanuel worked hard in his garden. Be beautiful this spring.

    5 I want to make this trip special for my wife. I am booking a room in a five-star


    6 By tomorrow night he will finish reading the book.


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