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Какие слова в английском языке пишутся с прописной(заглавной)буквы? Прочитай письмо, найди ошибки, выпиши исправленные

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    Ответ дан Егоров Сергей

    Hello lera Leran
    This is your friend vera-. I’m now in Veran
    a summer camp near -sochi Sochi n
    There are children from many countries: russia, britain, the usa, poland. Russia, Britain, The Usa, Poland.n
    My new friend is edward from london. Edward London.n
    He’s. british and he speaks english very well. English n
    His birthday is august 15. August n
    It’s sunday and we are going to have a party. Sunday n
    Here’s edward’s photo with his pet. Edward’s n
    The dog’s name is rex. Rex.n


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