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Переведите на английский язык, соблюдаю правило согласования времен. Косвенная речь. 1)Я думал, что ты в Москве. 2)Я

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    1) I thought you were in Moscow.
    2) I didn`t know you had returned to Saint Petersburg.
    3) We hoped we would go to London.
    4) The teacher said that our friends from London had sent the letter.
    5) She said that her friend had invited her to the theatre.
    6) We were afraid we wouldn`t buy the theatre ticket.
    7) We saw that the children were playing in the sand.
    8) She said that she would not swim anymore because the water was cold.
    9) My cousin said that she loved opera and would be glad to go to the theatre with us though she had heard “La Traviata” twice.