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ПОМОГИТЕ!!!! Поставьте глаголы в скобках в правильную форму: герундий или инфинитив (активный или пассивный). Offenders

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    Offenders sent to Island in the sun. Thirteen young offenders from London are being sent to spend a year on a Caribbean island in an experiment aimed at combatting crime. The young people – aged 15–17 – are trained in Denmark for six years before going to the West Indian island of St. Vincent to live in a small communal farm at the foot of a volcano. The school is run by a Danish co-operative which specializes in providing challenges for difficult young people to build up their confidence with adults. The two London boroughs whose social services departments are responsible for introducing the scheme say they are sending the young people so they can be learnt to face up to challenges which they have no opportunity of meeting on the streets of the capital. Other London boroughs are showing an interest in adopting the scheme, particularly as it works out cheaper than to keep young offenders in homes in London.