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Fill the gaps with forms of the verb to be. 1) Jack------- going to be a doctor. 2)Mary and Ann------- bright students.

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    1) Jack is going to be a doctor. 2) Mary and Ann are bright students. 3) Are these sportsmen from Italy? 4) Some children are afraid of the dark. 5) Jobs are important for people. 6) Here is your book. 7) There is an interesting film on TV. 8) The women are from France. 9) Milk is good for little children. 10) It is warm outside today. Формы глагола "to be" в Present Simple употребляются следующим образом: am (1-е лицо ед. ч.); are (2-е лицо ед. ч. и все лица мн. ч.); is (3-е лицо ед. ч.).

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