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Помогите,пожалуйста Choose the appropriate words or forms to complete the sentences. 1) Do you have any idea why the

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    1) Do you have any idea why the police are here? Has anything happened?
    2) I tried not to think about what had been done the day before.
    3) Please don’t turn the television down: it’s my favourite piece of music.
    4) She was busy at that moment and did not hear what was being discussed in the talk show.
    5) Don’t be afraid to keep your money in this bank. It will be safe here.
    6) They are showing a new series of programmes about the animal world.
    7) Nobody knows what the film is like, it has not been shot yet.
    8) Mass media is very important in the life of every social community.
    9) In my view it is impossible to spend all your free time in front of the TV or the computer.
    10) I felt I was being spied on and I became frightened.

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