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Put the verbs in in brackets into the past simple or the past continuous I (clean) the house while he (work) in the garden

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    1) I was cleaning (Past Continuous) the house while he was working (Past Continuous) in the garden. 2) When we found (Past Simple) the cat it was playing (Past Continuous) under the bed. 3) Joan was having (Past Continuous) a shower when the window cleaner came (Past Simple). 4) Grandma was knitting (Past Continuous) while Grandad was smoking (Past Continuous) his pipe. 5) When I arrived (Past Simple) home, Father was painting (Past Continuous) the front door. 6) Bob and Sally were walking (Past Continuous) when it started (Past Simple) to rain. 7) What were you talking (Past Continuous) about when I came in (Past Simple)? 8) I was reading (Past Continuous) my newspaper when they knocked (Past Simple) on the door. 9) As Fiona was washing (Past Continuous) the glass, she cut (Past Simple) her finger. 10) Mother broke (Past Simple) the vase while she was dusting (Past Continuous) it.

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