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Письмо другу на английском 120-140 слов ...My best friend had a birthday party last weekend.We went on a picnic.There

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    Hi Jim,


    It's very nice to hear from you and I'm glad you liked your friend's party.


    I'm looking forward to my birthday party, too. My birthday in on the 6th of August, and I can say it's really cool to have a birthday party in summer - you don't have to go to school this day or wait for the weekends to celebrate your birthday if it coincides with the working day; all my friends are on summer holidays and the weather is usually very nice, so I often have a barbecue party on the bank of the river or the lake nearby. We fry meat, play the guitar and sing songs, and also go for a swim if it's hot. My friends and parents always give me nice presents. For this birthday I'd like to get a playstation and a lot of video games in addition. I hope, that my dream will come true!


    By the way, would you like to come to my birthday party?


    Looking forward to hearing from you,


    your friend Alisa.


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