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THE PAST PERFECT CONTINUOUS TENSE Exercise 4. Make up sentences using the verbs in brackets: 1) When I came to see Ann

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    I. 1) When I came to see Ann she had been learning the new words for two hours. 2) When I went out it had been raining for several hours. 3) When he entered the hall his boss had been making a report for half an hour already. 4) She had been studying English for three months when we met at the Foreign Language Centre.

    II. 1) By the end of this week I will have been waiting seventeen weeks for my phone to be repaired. 2) Do you realize that on August 15, we will have been living in this house for fifty years? 3) We will have been flying non-stop for fourteen hours before we get to Calcutta. 4) By this time next week I will have been working on this book for a year. 5) By Monday I will have been staying here for two weeks. 6) By breakfast time he will have been sleeping for ten hours.

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