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1. I usually … a bus to the university. a) take b) have c) go 2. Let`s … to a jazz concert tonight. a) go b) visit c)

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    1. I usually take a bus to the university. 2. Let`s go to a jazz concert tonight. 3. Did you see the new exhibition at the gallery? 4. We want to go sightseeing and see all the places of interest in this town. 5. We had lunch at the small cafe in the morning. 6. Are we going on holiday this year? 7. When are you meeting your friend for lunch? 8. I want to improve my English, so I attend classes each Friday. 9. A friend is coming to stay with me next weekend. 10. I love going out with my friends Kate and Sheila – we often go to the cinema or to the theatre. 11. I`d like to have a snack. Let`s stop at McDrive. 12. There is a jazz show at the Garland Pub on Saturday night.

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