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Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Passove Voice. 1) At the last competition the first prize (to win) by our team.

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    Active Voice используется, когда действие совершается определенным лицом. Мы ставим глагол в форму Passive Voice, когда действие совершается над предметом, а лицо, которое совершает действие либо неизвестно, либо это неважно.

    Passive Voice образуется при помощи глагола to be + 3 форма глагола. Если надо поставить в одно из времен, изменяем глагол to be.

    1. At the last competition the first prize was won by our team.

    2. Soon he was sent to a sanatorium.

    3. The book will be discussed at the next conference.

    4. Yesterday he was told to prepare a speech.

    5. The article was published last week, if I am not mistaken.

    6. A taxi was called fifteen minutes ago, so we are expecting it any moment.

    7. The rule explained by the teacher at the last lesson was understood by all of us.

    8. The poem was so beautiful that it was learnt by everybody.

    9. The letter will be posted in half an hour.

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