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Тема сочинения на английском языке - Спортивная олимпиада. Мировые спортсмены 10-15 предложений

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    The Olympic Games originated more than two thousand years ago in ancient Greece and were named after Mount Olympus, where the mythical gods lived. After the fall of the Greek Empire, they were forgotten. Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin revived them in nineteenth century. And since then, the Olympic Games have become the most significant sporting event of the four years. For all athletes - this is the main sporting event in life. Athletes diligently and purposefully prepare for it. After all, getting an Olympic medal is considered one of the most important achievements in a sports career. The Olympic Games are divided into summer and winter ones. Summer games include 28 sports, and winter games – 7 ones. The main slogan of the Olympic Games - the main thing is not victory, but participation. Although now few people think so.




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