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Little или Few? 1.There is............water in the cup 2.I couldn't give him any pencils.Ihad very................. .

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    И little и few употребляются, чтобы обозначить, что чего-то мало. Но между ними большая разница. Мы используем little с неисчисляемыми существительными, а few с исчисляемыми.

    1. There is little water in the cup.

    2. I couldn't give him any pencils. I had very few.

    3. There is a lot of ham in the fridge, but there is very little cheese.

    4. Tom has made very few mistakes in the dictation.

    5. You made very few sandwiches.

    6. I am sorry I have few friends.

    7. Can you buy some milk? We have got very little.

    8. It's raining. There are very few children in the park.

    9. I'm sorry I have little time today.

    10. We have few apples in our garden this autumn.

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