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Вставьте одно из следующих слов: some, any, no, the, а или оставьте пропуски незаполненными . ... cats like ... milk.

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    Ответ дан Marcos
    1. Cats like milk.
    2. They stopped in front of the house where Tom lived.
    3. I showed him a way to the station.
    4. What is the name of the street in which you live?
    5. I want to say some words to your sister.
    6. The tea in this glass is cold.
    7. The sun was high in the sky.
    8. Oh, there are no apples in the vase: the children have eaten all of them.
    Please put some apples into the vase.
    9. Yesterday we had some fish for dinner.
    10. He gave me some coffee.
    11. I drank a cup of coffee after dinner.
    12. She bought some new books yesterday.
    13. Where are the books which you brought from the library yesterday?
    14. Did you buy any apples when you were at the shop?
    15. We could not skate because there was some snow on the ice.

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