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Напишите соответствующие местоимения пример: The boys are reading THE TEXTS the boys are reading THEM 1.Mrs. Page is

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    1. Mrs. Page is telling ANN a story. Mrs Page is telling her a story.
    2. The Adams met THEIR FRIENDS on Saturday. The Adams met them on Saturday.
    3. We can learn THE WORDS tomorrow. We can learn them tomorrow.
    4. We shall have A TEST next week. We shall have it next week.
    5. My mother never takes MY SISTER AND ME to her office. My mother never takes us to her office.
    6. Can you see TOM? Can you see him?
    7. You can go with KATE AND ME. You can go with us.
    8. I don't know HER FRIENDS. I don't know them.
    9. I know HIS SISTER. I know her.
    10. She teaches HER SON. She teaches him.

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