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Вы получили письмо от вашего англоязычного друга по переписке Ричарда. ... Я провожу много времени в своей спальне, слушаю

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    Ответ дан Гусев Богдан
    Dear Richard,

    Thanks a lot for your interesting letter. I was pleased to read it. Well, now I'd like to tell you about my house, hobbies, spare time and rest. So I'll begin with my house. As for me, it's big and comfortable. There are five rooms in it, except kitchen and bathroom. I spend much time in my lovely room. I read books, listen to music or play computer games. Sometimes I make funny rhymes. My classmates like them very much. As for rest we have a wonderful park at our district. There is a sport place there too. So children and teenagers can spend their free time well. I'd like you to see my house and that park. Come to me. It will be nice.

    Your friend Sam.

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