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Из прямой речи сделать косвенную Rewrite the following sentences in the reported speech using the appropriate verb. Each

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    1. “You should definitely look through the price list,” Brian said to me. — Brain advised me to look through the price list.
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    3. “Could you tell me manager’s telephone?” the customer said to the secretary. — The customer asked me if I could tell him manager’s telephone.
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    5. “The train arrives at 6 p.m.,” Karen said to us. — Karen said to us that the train arrived at 6 p.m.
    6. n
    7. “I don’t like talking on the telephone,” Ben said. — Ben said that he did not like talking on the telephone.
    8. n
    9. “When will be the next plane to London?” said Lisa to Nick. — Lisa asked Nick when the next plane to London would be.
    10. n
    11. “It’s the best approach I have ever tried!” Mr. Smith said. —r. Smith exclaimed that it was the best approach he had ever tried.
    12. n
    13. “You need your approaches change,” the manager said. — The manager told that I needed my approaches changes.
    14. n
    15. “Why don’t we prepare the project together?” George said to Edward. — George asked Edward why they did not prepare the project together.
    16. n
    17. “Let’s call the estate agency,” Michael said to Mary. — Michael advised Mary to call the estate agency.
    18. n
    19. “This chapel was built two centuries ago,” Margaret said to me. — Margaret said to me that chapel had been built two centuries ago.
    20. n
    21. “I’ll certainly become a famous architect one day!” Peter said. — Peter exclaimed he would certainly become a famous architect one day.
    22. n
    23. “World’s leading artists have appeared on this stage,” the observer said. — The observer told that world’s leading artists had appeared on that stage.
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