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Ex. 75. Most of these sentences contain one mistake. Correct each one, or if there is no mistake, write right. 1. The

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    1. The coffee smells wonderful.

    2. Last year we visited the States.

    3. The ship sank because the engineer didn't call for help until it was already sinking.

    4. The reason I get fat is that I always taste things while I'm cooking.

    5. How is Jennifer? Is her health improving?

    6. You're quite right. I completely agree with you.

    7. What did you do after you left school?

    8. Now I understand what you're trying to say!

    9. I can't imagine why you believed all those rumors.

    10. Martin was looking forward to a peaceful weekend, when his brother arrived with all his friends from the football club.

    11. Philippa heard the result of the election as she was driving to work, so she called me when she got there.

    12. Oh, I'm sorry, I've spilt some tea. Where do you keep the paper towels?

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