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Ask the questions to get the following answers: this monument was put up 300 years only one of these books has been translated

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    1) How much time was this monument put up? - This monument was put up 300 years.

    2) How many of these books have been translated into Russian? - Only one of these books has been translated into Russian.

    3) What were you watching when you switched on the telly? - Some pop singers were being interviewed when I switched on the telly.

    4) How often are these contests held? - These contests are held every year.

    5) Why haven't you filed those papers? - Jane was asked to file those papers, not me!

    6) Why haven't you given the phone to John? - Joan is wanted on the phone, not John!

    7) Has he already been offered this job? - He will be offered that job in some days.

    8) What musical instrument have you been taught? - I have been taught the piano at a musical school.

    9) How many specialists are being interviewed for the job? - Three specialists are being interviewed for the job.

    10) How had the house been destroyed before it was repaired? - The house had been destroyed by the fire.

    11) Is anyone is reading these papers? - These papers are being read very carefully.

    12) Why was it so noisy when I entered the room? - The problem was being discussed at the time.

    13) Whose jumper was shrunk? - His jumper was shrunk.

    14) Had you washed the floor before Mom returned? - It had been washed twice.

    15) Where will you keep your violin? - This violin will be kept in a special case.

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