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Напишите небольшой Рассказ о цирке Никулина на английском языке

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    Do you like circus? We are going to travel to one of the interesting circuses in Moscow. Nikulin's Moscow circus is one of the oldest fixed circuses in the Russian Federation. It's situated at the Coloured Boulevard in Moscow. It can accommodate about two thousand visitors. Amazing, the height of the dome is twenty-two metres. The general director and art executive is Maxim Nikulin, Yuri Nikulin's son. The circus was established in 1880, by Albert Salamonsky. The building was built by an architector August Veber. Salamonsky tried to attract simple people making tickets chipper. There were a lot of clowns whose motto was "What's the circus, if people don't laugh much in it?". Much attention was made to the work with horses. They made the main part in the circus programme. Would you like visit this circus yourself? I think you'll remember this the whole life.


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