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Fill in the correct prepositions. 1-I live ............a small flat ............the fourth floor. 2-Tom lives ..............a

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    1. I live in a small flat on the fourth floor. 2. Tom lives on a farm near Kent. 3. She lives at 25, Momon Street. 4. His flat is in Marble Street. 5. They live in London. 6. Jason lives half a mile from the city centre. 7. Her house is near the shops. 8. Is there a supermarket in the area? 9. There is a swimming-pool in the garden. 10. She lives in a village. 11. We live in a houseboat. 12. The houseboat is on the River Thomas. 13. That house is for sale. 14. There is a study in the attic. 15. Chalets are made of wood.

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