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Перевести с русского на английский язык только без переводчика. я забыл старые пословицы. он не знал эту загадку. мы

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    Ответ дан Симонов Лев

    I've forgotten/I forgot old proverbs/sayings. He didn't know this riddle. We didn't want to go to bed. They didn't see/haven't seen snow. We didn't use these words. He hasn't told/didn't tell me about it. They didn't hear his answer. They were not listening to the teacher. Who heard it? Where were they? Whom did you see/ have you seen? What did you read/ were you reading? Whose books have they taken/ did they take? Where have you found them/ did you find them? Who needed this old notebook? He didn't push her. He didn't pull her by the hair. Who scattered his things/has scattered his things? Did your father shave yesterday? Who invited/ called her?


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