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1. Montanelli entered the room where Arthur _____for him at the supper table. (to wait) 2. Miss Marple’s telephone rang

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    1. Montanelli entered the room where Arthur was waiting for him at the supper table.
    2. n
    3. Miss Marple’s telephone rang when she was dressing.
    4. n
    5. I lighted my pipe afresh and nodded to him to show that I was listening.
    6. n
    7. The sergeant was writing when his clients entered.
    8. n
    9. She was constantly asking me to lunch and dine with her and once or twice a year invited me to spend a week-end at her house in the country.
    10. n
    11. Clyde was thinking as she talked how different she was from Hortense.
    12. n
    13. The storm grew worse and worse, and little Hans could not see where he was going.
    14. n
    15. It was warm and cosy in the kitchen when he walked in. Madam Perier was cooking and her husband was reading ”the Paris-Soir”.
    16. n
    17. What was Nick doing when you rang him up yesterday? — He was playing the piano. He told me that he had already written his composition.
    18. n
    19. When Nick came home yesterday, his mother had returned and was cooking dinner in the kitchen.
    20. n

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