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Past Simple/Past Perfect/Past Perfect Continuous Open the brackets and use the right form of the verb. 1) He (to drive)

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    1. He had been driving a car for three hours when he reached the airport.
    2. We had already packed all our bags when they phoned us.
    3. It had been snowing for hours and no plane was able to take off.
    4. Our guide had organized our trip before we talked to him.
    5. She washed up after her mother had come home.
    6. They had been looking forward to this holiday for many years before they managed to find it.
    7. Mark had already been to Africa twice before he got married.
    8. We had booked our flights weeks before we left.
    9. The scientist had been preparing the article for two hours before midnight.
    10. I had cooked breakfast by 5 o’clock. 


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