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Complete the sentences with these words. Who * which * whose * who's 1 I know some people ___ hate horror films. 2 The

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    1) I know some people who hate horror films. 2) The film which he rented for the evening was very funny. 3) Isn't Tom the guy who's coming to our class next week? 4) My brother is selling a car which he has done up himself. 5) The Jacksons are the people whose holiday home we rented last year. 6) I don't know anyone who's better at football than you. 7) Isn't Emma the girl whose mother couldn't put up with her bad behaviour? 8) What's the name of the girl who's talking to John?


    Надо отличать: who - кто, который (про человека); which - который (про вещь); whose - чей; who's = who is.


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