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Опишите по английски дюймовочку. глаза нос волосы рост характер

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    Ответ дан Тетерина Ульяна

    Thumbelina is a beautiful little girl. The author describes her as “delicate and graceful”. Thumbelina is very tiny,  she appears from a flower and is “scarcely half as long as a thumb”. The girl has sky-blue eyes, long red hair and a small nose.
    She is very kind and good nature. She has a beautiful voice, she likes singing. Thumbelina is romantic and innocent. Although she becomes more and more pessimistic, she always stays sweet and compassionate to others. She is always ready to help, she loves nature. Thumbelina notices and observes beauty around her. She loves the sun, the blue sky, flowers, and birds singing makes her feel happy. 


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