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Переведи на английский: Меня зову Саша. Я из Россиии. У нас хорошая квартирана на седьмом этаже многоэтажного дома. В

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    My name is Sasha. I'm from Russia. We have a nice apartment on the seventh floor of a multi-storey building. There are three rooms in the apartment. My favourite room is the bedroom. It's small. The walls in it are yellow. There is a sofa, an armchair, two chairs and a desk with a computer in the bedroom. The table is near the window. The sofa and the armchair are near the wall. They are orange. There is a big poster on the wall. This is my favourite famous movie hero Spider Man. His name is Peter Parker. I have many books. They are in the bookcase in the hall. 


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