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Поставьте специальные вопросы к данным предложениям 1. we often visit our friends. 2. My sister usually reads English

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    Ответ дан Самсонова Вера
    1. Whom do you often visit?
    2. n
    3. When does your sister usually read English books?
    4. n
    5. How often do you answer all letters?
    6. n
    7. How does your teacher speak English?
    8. n
    9. Where does this doctor work?
    10. n
    11. Where do you and Mary live?
    12. n
    13. Where do your children go for a walk?
    14. n
    15. Where do Ann and Nick work?
    16. n
    17. When does her elder son come home from school?
    18. n
    19. Where do they often borrow books?
    20. n
    21. What does George do till 8 o`clock in the evening?
    22. n
    23. When do my parents listen to the news on the radio and then go to bed?
    24. n

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