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V. Дополните диалог вопросами и ответами в Present Perfect. Reporter: (you do) Have you done a lot of training this year?

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    Reporter: Have you done a lot of training this year?
    Trish: Yes, I have. I have trained six times a week all year.
    Reporter: Who HAVE YOU TRAINED with?
    Trish: With my coach, and the team.
    Reporter: Where HAVE YOU PLAYED this year?
    Trish: Mostly in Britain. But we've also travelled to Holland.
    Reporter : HAVE YOU WON many matches?
    Trish: Yes, we HAVE.
    Reporter: And how many matches HAVE YOU LOST?
    Trish: Only three.
    Reporter: That's great. HAVE YOU HAD any injuries?
    Trish: No, I HAVEN'T.
    Reporter: Thanks, Trish, and good luck.


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