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используйте take в правильной форме 1)in older times it ..... people weeks to travel from moscow to st.petersburg. Now

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    1)In older times it took people weeks to travel from Moscow to St.Petersburg. Now it takes us from 1.5 to 8 hours. 1 предложение - Past Simple, по этому глагол стоит в форме прошлого времени. 2 предложение - present simple, добавляем к глаголу окончание s.


    2)I am going to the shops. It is taking me rather a long time to buy everything I need. Предложения в Present Continuous, добавляем is + окончание ing.  


    3)It took people a long time to understand that the future of our planet is in danger. Предложение в Past Simple. 


    4)Yesterday it took us half an hour to clean the classroom and decorate it for the holiday. Предложение в Past Simple. 


    5)How long did it take you to finish writing the story? Вопрос в Past Simple. 


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