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1.What American presidents of the twentieth century do you know?What are they famous for? 2.Where are Americans laws

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    1. Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were American presidents of the twentieth century. Abraham Lincoln was famous for first killed American president. Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest president of USA.
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    3. American laws are made in Congress.
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    5. The Missouri River and the Mississippi River are American rivers. They are longest rivers in the North America. The Missouri River rises in the Rocky Mountains and flows east and south 3,7 km.The Mississippi River flows 3,7 km.
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    7. The Great Lakes  are situated in the North America, near Canada.
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    9.  The US has almost every kind of weather because it is situated in the different climatic zones.
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    11. The Grand Canyon is one of the America's main tourist attractions because there are breathtaking views.
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