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Напишите эссе по английскому. Про животных ,которых держат в зоопарке.Согласен ли ты ,с тем,что их держат в зооапарке.

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    Ответ дан Власова Алевтина

    Sometimes I'm sorry when I see animals at the zoo, but they're fed and allowed to drink, aren't they? They're all in cages, they are cared for by special people. But, there are bad zoos, where animals can not feed for months and do not go out of  the cage for weeks. It's a nice zoo, I do not mind the animals that are there, and if it is a bad zoo I feel sorry for these animals. I very often love to go to zoos and to feed animals from hands, after all zoos it is very useful, we can see such animals which do not live in our country.


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