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Paraphrase these notices to give or refuse permission. Begin each sentence with You. MODEL: Don't feed the animals. —

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    1. No smoking. — You may not smoke here.
    2. n
    3. No parking on the square. — You may not park on the square.
    4. n
    5. Visitors welcome 24 hours a day. — You may welcome visitors 24 hours a day.
    6. n
    7. No alcoholic drinks under 18. — You may not drink alcoholic drinks if you are under 18.
    8. n
    9. Don't use the office phones for private calls. — You may not use the office phones for private calls.
    10. n
    11. Private. Keep out. — You may keep out.
    12. n
    13. Club members use courts free on Saturday and Sunday. — You may use courts free on Saturday and Sunday if you are club members.
    14. n
    15. Walk your dogs here. — You may walk your dogs here.
    16. n
    17. Phone us. We'll help. — You may phone us and we’ll help.
    18. n
    19. For sale. Come and have a look. — It is for sale; you may come and have a look.
    20. n
    21. Room for smokers. — You may smoke in the room.
    22. n
    23. Leave your car here. — You may leave your car here.
    24. n
    25. Don't swim here. — You may not swim here.
    26. n
    27. Keep silence. — You may not speak here.
    28. n
    29. Don't take photographs. — You may not take photographs.
    30. n

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