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Clothes 2 CD 1·18 Mike’s going to summer camp. His mother is helping him pack. Complete their dialogue with the words

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    MOTHER: Here you are, Mikey. Twelve pairs of clean socks.
    MIKE: Mum, I don’t need twelve pairs. I can wash them. And anyway I’ll be wearing sandals most of the time.
    MOTHER: And I’ve bought you some nice new underpants.
    MIKE: Mum, that’s really nice of you, but you know I only wear boxer shorts!
    MOTHER: Have you packed the three warm jumpers? Take a woolly scarf and a hat, they said on TV it may be cold!
    MIKE: Mum, it’s July! Are you going to tell me to take a pair of winter gloves, too?
    MOTHER: Better safe than sorry, Mikey. And here’s something else for you.
    MIKE: Wow! A new pair of Speedo swimming trunks! Thanks, Mum!


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