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Answer the questions and speak about the place where you live. 1) Is your place situated in the north (south, west, east,

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    1) My place is situated in the south of our country. 2) It is not a big town and it is old. 3) Yes, there is a river here. The river is named Ural. Yes, there are foot- and automobile bridges across the river. Yes, there are many mountains and hills around my town, it is the Ural Mountains. 4) There is the Government building in the center of the town. Yes, there are many supermarkets and markets, several cinemas and theatres (dramatic, musical comedy, puppet etc.), museums and picture galleries (local history museum, art museum, art gallery etc.), a lot of hotels and restaurants here. 5) Yes, there are an airport and a railway station right in the town. People usually get there by bus or by taxi. 6) I live on the edge of the town. It is quite far from the center and near my school. The large shopping mall is opposite my house, and hospital is next to it. 7) Yes, I like my small town because it is very green (in summer) and beautiful. And the first cosmonaut studied here. Yes, I am very proud of it.


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