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My fàvorite room сочинение

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    Ответ дан Силина Алевтина

    My favourite room is my room, of course. It's large and comfortable. I like to spend all my time there. If I'm sad, I can sit alone in the room and listen to calm music. My mum says that my room is my castle. Because I don't allow anybody to come without knock. So, what do I do in my room? Of course, I do my lessons, play computer games, spend time alone or with my friends. I clean my room myself. Nobody helps me, and I like doing it very much. I put my things so, I will be able to find them quickly. Funny, but it makes me more attentive and tidier. There is a small table in my room, where sometimes I can eat pizza or drink a cup of hot chocolate. I'm fond of my room and I needn't any other.


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