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Напишите о любом фильме 50-80 слов. О типе (жанра фильма), кратко о сюжете и кто из главных героев.

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    I like the fantasy "Jurassic World 2".


    Isle Nublar is a picturesque island, the main ornament of which is an active volcano. Until recently, there was an amusement park, where children and adults came to gaze at the dinosaurs. The awakened volcano calls into question the existence of this complex. Moreover, during the eruption, all life on the island can be destroyed. To save the desperate dinosaurs, the park's director Claire Daring seeks help from the trainer Owen Grady.


    She urges him to return and try to save toothy pets, but the situation quickly gets out of control. In a critical situation, Owen establishes a trust contact with one of the raptors. On how strong this union will be, in many respects the outcome of the matter will depend.


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