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Перевести на английский язык (без переводчика) Чарли Чаплин-английский и американский киноактер и кинорежисер.Признаный

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    Charlie Chaplin is an English and American film actor and filmmaker. Recognized as one of the best comedians in the movie, he was awarded the Academy Award three times. Charlie Chaplin was born on April 16, 1889 in London. Charlie first appeared on the stage in 1894 at the age of five. In 1898 he joined a dance group and left it in the spring of 1901. Charlie rarely attends school, works as a newspaper salesman, as a doctor’s assistant, typography. In 1903 he received a permanent job in the theater and a role in the play "Sherlock Holmes." In 1908, he received an actor's place in the Carnot troupe. From 1910-1912. Concludes a contract with Keystone Film. In 1919 he founded the studio. In 1921 travels Europe. Silent cinema brought glory to Chaplin. In 1952. creates the film "Ramp Lights". In 1954 he was awarded the International Peace Prize. In 1972. received an honorary Oscar. He died December 25, 1977 in Vevey.


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